Georgie ShortVille

District 2

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 1

Weight: 100 lbs.

Score: Her score was a 10 in training, when she threw her axe and sliced of 3 dummies in one slash.

Backstory: Was an orphan, and had a twin brother. Found a family, and is helping to take care of them. Enjoys making things, such as traps, necklaces and snares, blankets. Her father worked all the time, Never spent time with her. Her mother taught other women about medicines and about mother natures things. She was great at making friends, and watching children. She could outrun all the guys and girls in her school. She has special abilities which help her throughout her life. She is gifted in many things. She can be mean and dangerous sometimes, but is a kind and gentle girl at times. Georgie enjoys training everyday, for when the day comes, and her name is drawn she will be ready to Honor her District.

Weapons: She is actually pretty good with with knives, I can throw them pretty far, and well.

Physical Attributes: Short, Has brown hair, brown eyes.

Skill: She can be very tricky, she excells in Science and hunting, she has very quiet feet, and can sneak so quietly that the animals (and other humans) can't hear. She is good at climbing and running. She is very cautious and is careful with her decisions. Very Flexable, and very fast. She is good at hiding, and can trick people.

Kills: Will kill anyone in her path, unless a person from her own district wants to make allies with each other. She will risk things to win it.