Name: Glover

Age: 15

Gender: Female

District : 2

Physical Features: Short, Brunette hair. She has green eyes, and tan-ish skin. She wears a ring with an axe on it, that inside has a picture of her sister Clove and her brother as well.

Backstory: Glover has a twin and her name is Clove. They have a little sister named Glow who is only 6 years old. They also have one brother name Carro. Carro died in training when he ran right through the knives station. Clove and Glover were throwing knives and he ran right across the station and was hit with a knife. It was stupidity for him. The girls were sorry about what they did. Glover and Clove train every day. They enjoy throwing knives and axes. They both share one thing and that is they have birth marks on their necks. Glover has an hatchet birth mark on the side of her neck. Clove has a knife shaped birth mark. Glover enjoys climbing trees, and interacting with animals. She really enjoys reading.She is a very fast runner. She can out run all the people in her class and training station. She can make traps and trick people. She is very smart and is very good at science, hunting, and geography. Her sister Clove had volunteered to be the 74th Hunger Games. She and Cato should have won victor but she was killed by Thresh. Glover had been very mad when her sister died. So when the next Hunger Games comes she is going to go in the arena and fight for the victor for her sister and Cato. Even if that means risking things to win, and she will kill people in her path.

Training: She trains with knives and hatchet. She trains 10 hours a day, and gets Sunday off for breaks. She also works on traps and running. She can climb pretty well. She is very good at hunting.

Score: She got an 10 in Knife Throwing on her score, and she also got an 9 with her hatchet. She surprised the judges by throwing the hatchet and slicing three dummies heads off with it.